Processes & Capability

At Excel, we operate 21 computer controlled injection molding machines with clamping tonnage from 28 to 725 tons.  Our extensive range in machine sizes gives us the capability to produce a wide variety of part sizes and geometries.  Most of our presses are equipped with servo robots for picking parts, as well as, for performing secondary operations and all have SPC capability.  We run three shifts, five/seven days a week.

Our processes are established using the principals of scientific injection molding with many jobs utilizing RJG’s eDart systems.  We process most thermoplastic resins ranging from commodity grade to high temperature and filled engineering grades. We perform insert molding of brass, copper, steel and plastic, as well as, over-molding of plastic to plastic.  Most of our insert molding is performed with robotic picking and loading of the inserts and unloading the finished parts.

We have experience and expertise in the utilization of vision inspection cameras and have developed and implemented vision systems for many applications.  We also design and build specialized automation equipment for increased efficiency and eliminating human error.

Our full service, in-house tool and die shop allow us to maintain tooling in top production condition, perform engineering changes, and perform repairs quickly to minimize impact on customer production requirements.  We design and build some molds in-house and work with strategic partners on others.

Our quality lab is well equipped for routine part inspection and also includes temperature chambers for extreme part testing, pressure decay leak testing systems, a Tenus Olsen plastometer for resin melt analysis, as well as, a FARO Laser scanning CMM arm for part and tooling inspection.

We welcome transfer work and understand that time is critical as tooling is “out of service” as it is being moved and re-qualified.  For “hot” multi-tool transfer programs, we often schedule daily conference calls with customers to update and discuss the status of the program.  We do “whatever it takes” to quickly qualify the parts, begin production, and meet our customer’s production schedule.